NASA Expert to Find a Hard Drive Containing Bitcoin

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The Man Who Hired a NASA Expert to Find a Hard Drive Containing £340 Million in Bitcoin

A man who accidentally dropped a hard drive containing £340 million worth of bitcoins and disappeared is hiring people who worked with NASA to recover the hard drive. In 2013, James Howells accidentally dumped a hard drive containing more than £55 million worth of Bitcoins. Bitcoins on hard drives are now worth over £300 million. He also asked council officers for a quarter of his money to recover his property. Earlier this year, the council declined to search.

James is working with data experts from around the world to try to realize his quest. I sought out environmentalists and engineers as much as I could. Now I’m hiring an expert from a company called Ontrack, which works with NASA. People from that company are known for recovering data from the space shuttle Columbia’s hard drive in a dried-up lake six months after it fell to Earth in 2003. 99% of the data was recovered. (asteroids earth nasa)

Ontrack believes that if they can find James’ hard drive, they can recover between 80 and 90 percent of the data. ” We brought together experts in the field to rebut the council’s assumptions of irretrievability. I have spoken with data recovery experts who worked with NASA on the space shuttle Columbia disaster. They were able to recover from the shuttle that blew up, and being in the debris doesn’t seem like a problem for them,” James said.

However, “The current value is £340m. But just over a week ago, it was around £420 million. A lot of Bitcoins. Whether it will be worth £550m, £600m (or £700m) next year, no one can say. The hard drive could be worth $1 billion. The council said they concerned about who would meet the costs if it not recovered. But all of that will be part of the deal,” James said. (asteroids earth nasa)