5 job opportunities for young people

Job opportunities for young people. For those who have not finished school but want to enter the workplace but do not know what kind of job to apply for, I would like to tell you about job opportunities that can be applied for even without finishing school.

According to the list of employment recruitment agency Myjobs.com.mm, the job opportunities that recruit young students.

1. Market Operator

First of all, the type of job that young students can apply for is Market Operator. This type of job is what is trending in your market. It’s a type of job where you have to follow and learn how the market is. These types of jobs tend to hire young people who haven’t finished school.

2. Customer Activation

Customer Activation work is a kind of responsibility to penetrate the market for your own product brand, and because it is a job where you communicate with buyers and customers, you are someone who likes interacting with people. This type of job is suitable for those who speak fluently.

3. Sales Representative

What about this employment opportunity? It is also the most applied type of job. Since there are sales representative positions available from small shops to large companies, there are also many applications from young students. This type of job is the same as the job type above, it is a type of job where you have to communicate with customers and sell your products.

4. Data Entry 

I don’t mind doing the types of jobs above. If it doesn’t suit you, I would encourage you to apply for a Data Entry job. This type of job does not involve much interaction with people, but involves collecting and storing data and information on computers. lists, information Suitable for young people who only want to work with computers.

5. Telesales Representative 

This type of job is also a type of job that many young people are working on. Explaining the product to your buyers over the telephone; Asking the opinion of the buyers about the product. It is a job to carry out duties such as answering everything the customer wants to know.

Things that young people who want to work have to prepare (part-time job opportunities, freelance job opportunities)

“Young people must be flexible. If anything, I have to adapt. Must be hard working. If you fill up your knowledge, it will be more convenient. Those who want to apply for a job must be open minded. Must have a positive mindset.

If I want to do anything, I must have the will to do it. You have to know what you want. If I have the mindset that I will complete this task myself, the chances of getting a job are higher. Many companies are more interested in this kind of people.” Myjobs.com. mm’s Chief Sales Officer Daw Mya Thant Oo gave advice to young students who want to apply for a job.

One thing to be aware of is that since I am just starting to apply, I have to start with an internship. Do not be discouraged by this and gain work experience. You need to work hard to get better job opportunities for yourself. (part-time job opportunities, freelance job opportunities, job opportunities for young people)