Ways to earn money from foreign freelance jobs online

Ways to earn money from foreign freelance jobs online. During this period, both the epidemic and Due to political problems, most people are facing loss of employment opportunities. Those who find it difficult to find a new job, For those who find it difficult to find a job that matches their passion, how to find freelance job opportunities from foreign countries online? How to enter and work I will share how to earn.

Where to find freelance jobs?

The best (2) websites to search for freelance jobs are Upwork and Fiverr, according to a Cloud Solution Architect.

“It’s easy to search by typing Upwork on Google. There are many jobs to choose from for techies, as well as other jobs like translators. Depending on your skills, you can search for the type of work you want to do. You need to describe what you know. That way, it will be easy when choosing.” Kung Thant Lwin suggested.

What types of freelance jobs are there?

Roughly speaking, there are (2) types of work on platforms that can search for freelance jobs. There is a fee to be paid according to the project. I will send a project for them to do. After completing that, I will pay you wages.

Next is Ongoing. Hourly payment. twenty dollars an hour; thirty etc. to specify. These two types of work are available on many platforms where you can find freelance jobs. The most important thing is what you can do. What did you do? You need to be able to write a good portfolio about what you do.

How to make a long-term client

  • Write a good proposal
  • Make the job good and convenient (freelance writing jobs online)
  • Speak the words comfortably

If you can make a good proposal so that the client understands what you can do, you will be able to surpass yourself and your competitors. And when you get to work, make it smooth and comfortable. If you can speak with restraint when dealing with the client, you will be able to deal with the client in the long term.

How to withdraw money from Freelance Platform?

Payoneer platform is the best guide to withdraw money from Freelance Platform. Payoneer platform is the most suitable for Myanmar. There are ways to transfer money from the payoneer platform to local banks. Myanmar can also register. (freelance writing jobs online)

If you don’t have an account to use, you can ask your friends in foreign countries for help. Through the payoneer platform, you can transfer money to local banks, and you can also transfer money between accounts.