Great ways to save money in times

How to save money? Great ways to save money in times. At a time when the prices of everything are rising, At a time when everything is tight and income and expenditure are unbalanced, the question of how to balance income and expenditure is a question that everyone wants to know. In this period, it is an important requirement for every family to be able to balance income and expenditure. So, I’m sharing the secret of how to balance income/expenses.

Are you going out for a night out every time you get paid? Are you out shopping?

Payday is just around the corner. Let’s respect what we want to eat Let’s buy what we want. This situation is even normal for most salaried employees. Within a week after the end of the month, I will buy what I want, It’s a normal situation to want to eat, but this cost is usually about one-fifth of your salary.

These costs need to be reduced. So

  • Eat at home
  • Try to find out what is most important to you
  • If it’s not something that’s absolutely necessary for survival, try to minimize it
  • Find a substitute (which means the same quality and lower price)

How to manage household income?

The most important thing in managing income/expense balance is how the household income is managed. Ma Nan Tin Moe, the founder of Lady Grace Diamond Land, shared how to manage family income.

  • Figure out the income of everyone working in the household
  • Set aside one for the rice
  • Set aside one for oil, salt, pepper, and onion
  • Calculate a month for food and remove one figure
  • If there are students in the family, set aside a school fee
  • Take one out for commuting or reinvesting for work
  • Set aside one for electricity/water/rent
  • At the time of removal, learn to collect about 30 percent of the excess

If it’s still not enough after removing it, you have to think about using a replacement. For example, Ma Nan Tin Moe suggested that if you can’t afford to buy Porsan sweet rice, you should be able to choose another type of rice that is similar and cheaper.

Among other household expenses that can be reduced is the electricity bill. Not using unnecessary electricity can also reduce household expenses.

If the income is low, can’t you balance the expenses?

Low income does not matter when spending is balanced. But one thing is that if you don’t do any kind of income-generating work at all, you can’t balance your expenses. When I choose a job, I don’t think this job is right for me. I don’t think about how much I can make, but if I get the chance to do a job that earns me a regular monthly income, I should wash my pride and do it.

Because only if you have a regular income and can spend it in balance with your outgoings, you will be able to try to achieve your goals in order to do the kind of work you want to do in life. It does not depend on a small amount of income in order to be able to use the balance of income and expenditure.

How to live to balance income and expenses?

To summarize, the first thing to balance your income/expenses is to do everything in your power to have a job that pays you regular monthly income. junk food Minimize utilities. Manage your household income properly. how to save money?

If you try to follow these points exactly, you will be able to build a solid foundation for your family during this difficult time.