Get paid as an employee

Get paid as an employee. The economic situation in Spain is already very complicated and the self-employed are really having a hard time. Among the different options presented to them; There is a choice they can make. Serve as your employee. Your work as a self-employed person while performing .

But… how far is that possible? As a self-employed and employee, the salary must be increased. ? What does Social Security say? We will explore this topic throughout the article.

Everything you need to know about the superiority of the self-employed

The first thing to be clear to us is that. Multiple Activities We’re focusing on it this way in this article, but it’s not a resource for self-employment.

La multi-activity is a situation where a person can be self-employed and earn a salary at the same time. This means that you have to work for your business and another company’s business for a period of time.

Irrespective of previous activities, if these two activities coincide in time, it will be considered as multi-activity on the welfare front. This is actually how it appears in the field. working life

Here we must mention an important distinction: Pluriactivity is not the same as moonlight. . This last concept relates to the option for a person to manage 2 jobs simultaneously.

What does it take to be self-employed with a salary?

The truth is that everything is automatic, so you don’t have to do anything special. If you are employed as a salaried employee and take the procedures to become self-employed. In the workplace .

There are some that are very interesting, but they will be applied only in the case of a natural person who decides to register as a self-employed person and not otherwise. In short, The registration process is as usual; You must complete the registration. Tax Agency and Social Security .

 Why is pluriactivity interesting?

The main reason for choosing this model is; The economic security formula states. In the case of self-employed income failure or a salaried employee losing their job, there will be a second option to at least not run out of income.

Therefore, being your own boss gives you a certain amount of freedom, as well as plenty of potential for growth. And there are certain things. Bonus We allow you to reduce the personal work quota for a period of time. Whether these are part-time jobs, It depends, among other things, on assumptions.

So, it should also be noted that discounts are not compatible with other assistance such as the case. Rate for freelancers . You will need to review what works best for each occasion. Now you know why? A variety of activities can be such an interesting resource. What is the employee retention credit? Do you want to know about employee retention credit?

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