Seven countries with the highest number of billionaires

Seven countries with the highest number of billionaires. For fans of the Golden Age, here’s a look at some of the richest countries in the world. Read on to find out how many billionaires live in which country…

7. French

billionaire = 60 people,
total wealth = 219 billion

French billionaires like Bernard Arnault, founder and CEO of LVMH, a well-known fashion brand. In addition, most of the most successful millionaires in the luxury and fashion industries around the world live in France.

6. Indian

billionaire = 87 people,
total wealth = 314 billion

India’s richest people own about 73% of the country’s total wealth. Mumbai is one of the richest cities in the world.

5. Swiss

billionaire = 100 people,
total wealth = 274 billion

With its headquarters in the world and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Switzerland is also attractive enough to accommodate billionaires. It is also a country where most of the raw materials are processed and exported, so many business people come to live in this country.

4. Russian

billionaire = 114
billion, total wealth = 390 billion

Almost all of Russia’s billionaires are genuine Russian citizens. More than half of Russia’s billionaires, including Leonid Mikhelson, the richest man in the country, live in Moscow.

3. German

billionaire = 153
billion Total wealth = 477 billion

Germany, Europe’s most industrialized nation, ranks third on the list. The billionaires in Germany are also billionaires with high personal wealth German.

2. Chinese

billionaire = (342)
total wealth = (1.1) trillion

In China, Hangzhou and Shenzhen are the cities (Chinese) where most of the wealthy live. Economic development; It is said that billionaires are now living in China due to the nature of the water and land.

1. American (highest number of billionaires)

billionaire = 788 million,
total wealth = 3.4 trillion

The United States, the most advanced and developed country in the world, has the largest population of billionaires. The combined wealth of the rich is even higher than all the other countries on this list. New York City (American) San Francisco and Los Angeles are the cities where most of the billionaires live. Yes, I hope you all enjoy reading this article. We look forward to seeing you in the future.