The richest and most influential football agents in the world

The richest and most influential football agents in the world. For Golden Age football fans, here are some of the highest paid and most influential agents in football. There are football agents and richest people in the world.

7. Thomas Cross

The former Germany midfielder is the seventh richest agent in the world. The most notable transfers he handled were Manuel Neuer, Shinji Kagawa and Alexander Drakovic. He has acted as an agent for 146 million worth of transfers and has received a commission of 14.7 million.

6. Fernando Philichel

Fernando Felichevis, an Argentine agent, handles the transfer of many famous Chilean players. It is also one of the most influential agents in South America. Aturo Vidal Claudio Bravo Gary Middleton is one of his players. A total of 148 million contracts were valued as agents and 15 million commissions were received.

5. Minorin Ola

Although only fifth on the list, Roy O’Leary is arguably the fastest-growing agent in the world right now. He already owns a number of high-profile players, and if his transfer this summer were the only ones he could handle, he would be at the top of the list. He currently has a transfer value of $ 186 million and a commission of $ 18.7 million. Of course. Mitchita Ibrahimovic, Lukaku, Balotelli is one of his stars.

4. Jose Aw Tin

He is a very influential agent for Spanish players. Fernando Torres Nacho Monreal Javi Martinez Pedro Giuseppe Navarre He controlled Spanish stars such as Raul Garcia. Of the transfer value of 191 million, the commission received 19.2 million.

3. Volcastro (richest man in the world)

Mario Gotze Marco Reus Tony Cruz Howard Volcano Strauss controls the Bundesliga stars such as Omar Topres. He has been involved in the Bundesliga’s ၈ 278 million transfer of star players and has received a net commission of 27.8 million.

2. Jonathan Bunnett (richest people in the world)

Agent Jonathan Bunnett has been in control of a number of England star transfers. So, he is survived by his wife, Ashley Cole; Gareth Bale Glen Johnson. Therefore, he has acted as an agent for a total of 287 million worth of transfers of players from the British Isles, including Lalana, earning a commission of. 28.8 million.

1. George Mendes (richest man in the world)

If you want famous players in football, you can do without Super Agent George Mendes. So, he is Ronaldo. P.P. In addition to famous Portuguese players such as Carvalho, Angel Di Maria, James Rodriguez Falcao David De Gea Diego Silva He handles innumerable players, including Diego Costa, as well as Mourinho. As an agent involved in the transfer value of 626.3 million and received a commission of 62.8 million. He also has a very close relationship with Portuguese star Ronaldo, who bought his Greek island as a wedding gift.