Apple CEO says he bought the Cryptocurrency

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he bought and invested in cryptocurrency. He was asked at the New York Times Dealbook conference if he was considering accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. He said he was investing in cryptocurrency privately and that the company did not take the cryptocurrency concept seriously and had no plans to do any crypto-related transactions.

“I think it is advisable to buy a cryptocurrency to make it worthwhile, but I do not recommend investing in anyone this way,” Tim Cook said in an interview. Tim Cook says he has recently been interested in cryptocurrency and is studying the field. He also said that Apple would not buy cryptocurrency using investment funds. “Just because you do not have the money does not mean that you are not buying crypto at the company. People do not think you can buy Apple stock to get in touch with crypto.”

Tim Cook is also interested in NFTs and is considering buying it as it deepens. In August, Tim Cook received $ 5 million worth of $ 750 million worth of Apple stock and will receive an additional Apple stock bonus by 2026. Tim Cook says he plans to donate all of his money to charity.

Tim Cook receives $ 750 million worth of Apple shares

Apple CEO Tim Cook said more than 5 million Apple shares were acquired on Thursday. According to CNBC, Tim Cook has acquired more than $ 750 million worth of stock, according to Apple Securities (SEC) filing, according to data released by CNBC.

    According to SEC data, Tim Cook immediately sold the shares for between $ 148.30 and $ 149.97. Apple has rewarded Tim Cook for his performance in the stock market. During the disaster, the company’s stock managed to reach $ 151.12 earlier this month. This is an increase of over 440% over the last five years. Tim Cook, who was paid $ 3 million by the company, became a billionaire in Kovikap because of these bonus shares. According to the SEC, Tim Cook received a total of $ 355 million as Apple held 2.65 million shares in tax liability.


According to Bloomberg, Tim Cook’s net worth is estimated at $ 1.5 billion. In 2015, the Apple CEO said he planned to donate most of his assets to charity. Last week, according to SEC data, Tim Cook donated 70,000 Apple stock worth $ 10 million to an anonymous charity. Tim Cook joined Apple in 1998 and became the company’s CEO in 2011. Apple stock has risen more than 1,200% since he became CEO. Just last year, a new compensation package for Tim Cook was changed. The new package will run until 2026.  And most of Cookie’s rewards will go in the form of limited stock units.

     Tim Cook’s performance will start with a limited edition of 333,987 stock units in 2023, with a further 333,987 additional stock units. If Apple’s stock market could be strengthened. Tim Cook would double, and if it did, it would not have a single package. If Apple were to get a good foothold in the stock market, Tim Cook would acquire 100,961 shares by 2025. He became the CEO of Apple in 2011 and was awarded 1 million shares.