New Monthly Sales Plan of Apple Company

New Monthly Sales Plan of Apple has a 57% share of the US smartphone market, while Samsung has a 28% share. Apple has twice as much as Samsung, but Samsung dominates the Android smartphone segment. You need more iOS users to expand your iPhone share. For iOS users, there is no smartphone maker other than Apple that buys smartphones. There are no smartphones other than iPhones.

But the iPhone is expensive. Some want to own an iPhone but use an Android smartphone because it is out of reach. The premium segment market segment is stagnant. Apple is planning to make it accessible to those who do not have access to an iPhone.

According to Bloomberg Media, Apple will launch a monthly subscription service for iPhone models. In the future, there will be a monthly fee for Apple products and services, including the iPad. Just like paying for a subscription to the app, you can use Apple products for a subscription (New Monthly Sales Plan).

Last year, it generated more than $ 72.2 billion in revenue from subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, iCloud, and Apple Care. There are 785 million monthly subscribers.¬†Apple’s advantage is that it has a good personal environment and is doing better.

Some other smartphone makers have their own environment, but it does not compete with Apple’s own environment. For those who want to use Apple’s own environment, the environment is closed so that only Apple products can be used. The opportunity to access Apple’s own environment without having to purchase an Apple product for a monthly fee is an effective attraction.