How to choose MBA and Scholarships?

Here, we will talk about How to choose MBA and Scholarships. What is mba degree? Nowadays, there are many people who are interested in studying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), an advanced degree in economics, and now there are schools that can connect with foreign universities at home, so there are some options for those who want to study.

Applicants for the MBA program should be able to manage their work environment in a systematic manner, depending on the circumstances in which they are currently attending, and should choose a subject that is relevant to the type of work they want to do. Likewise, choosing the right amount of money is also important for a smooth learning process. Subjects Universities and countries also need to be considered.

What is an MBA? (MBA and Scholarships)

MBA is a business-related human resources program. It is a discipline that covers a wide range of disciplines, including marketing and management. However, Aung Kyaw San, managing director of Crown Education, said the study was designed to provide a 360-degree insight into the changing economic patterns and experiences of the world.

“To translate Master of Business Administration word for word is to master business management. To master your business to be more successful than others,” he said. It is also a field of study that seeks to turn adversaries and opportunities into opportunities rather than ordinary entrepreneurs.

Subjects Included (MBA and Scholarships)

MBAs vary from university to university, with some universities offering only nine subjects, some universities offering 12 subjects and some universities offering 18 subjects. “Subjects vary according to the school system,” said Maung Maung Win, academic director of MIBA-Myanmar International Business Academy.

The MBA majors include Strategic Business Management and International Business; Business Law & Ethic; Micro and Macro Economic; Logistic and Supply Chain Management; Research Methodology & Data Analysis and Human Resources.

In conclusion, “People who have reached the senior management level balance the functions and functions of the company in each department, which is why they are all required at the senior management level,” said Aung Chit Khin, Principal & Founder of Strategy First.

Types of MBA (MBA and Scholarships)

There are two types of MBA: General MBA and specialized MBA, and there are specialized courses for those who want to specialize in the subject they want to study. The most prominent of these majors are Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information System, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Operations Management.

“If some people do MBA, their first degree is not related to marketing. If they want to be more successful in marketing, they choose MBA Marketing. Usually they choose General MBA,” said Aung Chit Khin. EMBA in MBA; Global MBA; There are also various groups such as Dual MBA and MBA and EMBA in Myanmar.

Why Learn? (MBA and Scholarships)

Gradually changing business models should be attended, especially by those who want to get a higher position than they already have. MBA is attended by a large number of people entering the workforce in Myanmar and will be needed for Myanmar’s future economy.

“Our country has a large population of resources, mainly because of the lack of systematic and systematic value-added integration, and the more people who understand the management of these MBAs, the more useful these programs will be,” said Aung Chit Khin.

How to choose a country and school?

MBA in Myanmar UK Australia Switzerland Singapore There are affiliated schools with universities in Thailand and the Philippines. Most of these schools are suitable for those who want to study in Myanmar, such as UK universities. 99% are UK MBAs, according to Aung Kyaw San.

“If you still have time to go abroad when you are young, I encourage you to study abroad. The environment is different. The experience of working with you is different, so if you can spend a year, the experience called exposure,” he said. Before choosing a university you want to attend, you need to ask about the teaching style of each university.

Chinese Government Scholarships for Myanmar Youth

Meanwhile, the Chinese government, one of Burma’s neighbors, offers many scholarship opportunities for Burmese youth. As China is a country that focuses on research and education, I would like to ask you to apply for more scholarships.

CGSA-AUN Program (fulbright scholarship)

The Chinese Government Scholarship (AUN) offered for ASEAN countries to study for master’s and doctoral degrees. However, the age limit is 35 years for a master’s degree and 40 years for a doctorate.

To apply, contact the ASEAN University Network (AUN) at the address provided by contacting [email protected]. However, subject you want to study Universities can be found at here. Therefore, you will need to apply online at the CGS Information System on that website. Meanwhile, the Application Forum for Chinese Government Scholarship needs to complete and printed out. All required documents must submit to the AUN office.

The following documents need to edit and all documents must be in Chinese or English only.

(1) CGS Application Form (Fill in and print online)

(2) Degree Notary (college scholarships)

(3) Academic Transcripts (college scholarships)

(4) Study Plan or Research Proposal

(5) Two Recommendation Letters

(6) Medical certificate (in prescribed form)

(7) Pre-admission Letter from the applicant University (if available)

(8) If you have HSK Chinese language test, please submit

The two copies of above documents must prepare and sent to the AUN office. The above documents need to prepare not only for the CSG-AUN Program but also for all Chinese government scholarships.

CGS-Chinese University Program (fulbright scholarship)

However, This is a scholarship that you must apply directly to the university you want to attend. Therefore, Required documents All online application forms are the same as the CGS-AUN Program. For master’s and doctoral degrees. Contact [email protected] for more information.

YES China-Master Program (fulbright scholarship)

Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Scholarship for Developing Countries Under the age of 40, you will study at seven of China’s top universities. Law Public Health; International Economic Cooperation; China Studies; International Economic Law; MBA International Finance; So, you can apply for programs such as One-Belt-Road Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering, most of which are One Year-Master programs.

MOFCOM Scholarship (fulbright scholarship)

However, Young people from developing countries; Scholarships for middle class people from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. master’s degree, You can apply for a PhD. In conclusion, Master of CGS-Bilateral Program; Undergraduate Scholarships for Undergraduate and Advanced Students. Likewise, there are General Scholar Programs for under-45 graduates and Senior Scholar Programs for under-50s or Associate Professors under 50. Contact [email protected] for more information about the scholarship.

Other Scholarships (fulbright scholarship)

In addition to Chinese government scholarships, state government scholarships; Likewise, Many scholarships offered by various universities can be found at here. (college scholarships)


(1) Prepare documents; Contact information for each program. (mba degree)

(2) University you want to apply for; Search the subject website. (mba degree)

(3) Apply online at here. (mba degree)

(4) Apply online if required on the University Website. (mba degree)

(5) Fill out the online application and print it out. (college scholarships)

(6) Prepare all the required documents in two copies and send them to the person in charge of each program. (college scholarships)

Above all, Scholarships from neighboring countries are more likely to be available. So, if it is not easy to get an opportunity. In conclusion, I urge you to be patient and apply.