How do you choose to study engineering subject in 2023?

We would like to talk about How do you choose to study engineering subject in 2022. As the country develops, so do the lifestyles. With this change, more and more professionals are needed to master the engineering skills that are essential in building infrastructure.

Currently, there are many technical universities in Myanmar that can study engineering, and many private training schools opened. Engineering training schools are for those who want to study. They enter the practical field after graduating from government technical universities.

Those who have passed the university entrance exam and want to study engineering and those who are entering the field and want to become more proficient can choose the subjects that interest them. It is also important that the subjects you choose to attend are truly supportive in the workplace.

Why Learn engineering subject in 2023?

Skilled engineers are essential for secure infrastructure in building a nation. It is essential to have engineering skills, especially in the field of engineering, to support the country in one way or another.

“Engineering has been around for generations, and so are engineering subjects,” said Sayar U Lin, chairman of the engineering course at the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES). In addition, they choose to attend subject training schools to become more proficient in the practical field.

According to the teaching style of government technical universities, the theory is taught for a limited period of time, so there is a slight decrease in practice, so they have to go back to external training schools to be able to enter the workforce.

Ma Thet Mon, a graduate with a master’s degree in civil engineering from Yangon Technological University (YTU), said: According to his experience, they are trained in the workplace to gain practical experience.

How do you choose to study engineering subject in 2023

There are 12 majors in Engineering, including Architecture, Civil & Structure, Aerospace, Mining, Petroleum, Chemical, Electrical Power, Electronics, Information Technology, Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Textile. There are also subjects.

In most private training schools, the main subjects taught in the practical field are Civil & Structure, Mechanical, Electrical Power. The most widely studied of these subjects is civil engineering.

“Due to the current job requirements in Myanmar, Civil is the most popular subject and it is the most popular choice,” said Daw Zin Min Aung, director of the Sky Star Engineering course. In government technical colleges, civil engineering is the highest-scoring subject, and most students choose it.

Training schools (choose to study engineering)

For practical skills training, students selected based on the subject. They interested in, and those interested in studying electrical and mechanical engineering. They can choose to study Mechatronics. Civil Engineering can study computer-aided design such as AutoCad 2D and 3D on EdX.

Currently, there are training schools such as Design Engineering Training Center (DETC), SKY STAR Engineering Training Center, TECHNO POINT, A PLUS Engineering Training Center, La Minn Eain Engineering Training Center, Dignity Training, TRUST, Duel Tech.

University entrance exam taker at SKY STAR Engineering Training Center. Successful graduates and any degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Maintenance Engineering can select according to the level they assigned to.

There are also engineering courses for those who want to become an engineer but have not yet passed the matriculation examination, and will be accredited by the City and Guilds Educational Institution of the UK (London).

Applicants for the UK Diploma can take a separate exam. The admission pay in dollars. Some colleges offer engineering courses as well as related subjects in the workplace. “We also offer Certificate Skills courses. Air-Conditioning courses are a practical option,” said Ko Zin Min Aung of the TECHNO POINT Training School.

Some course fees

Therefore, the Myanmar Society of Engineers teaches 12 core subjects at the school, and offers a total of 31 free courses, including Urban Planning, Traffic, Water & Sanitation, and Geotechnical, some of which are offered free of charge.

In private training schools, the tuition fees vary by subject. The courses offered by the certificates range from a minimum of 30,000 kyats to 80,000 kyats. In addition, if you want to take a diploma course in the UK. There are Level 3, 4 and 5 levels. The annual salary is 600,000 to 100,000 kyats. Tuition fees for these diploma courses pay in installments over one year.

Currently, civil engineering is one of the most popular subjects due to the large number of construction jobs in Myanmar at present. Private training schools will also need to prepare them for the workplace.

“Subject courses require for practical work. If you want to go into design, you need to take a computer and design course. If you are a site engineer, you do not need much,” said Ma Thet Mon. It is important to be able to choose one of the many subjects that suits you. You really interest in. “Engineering subjects and engineers are playing an important role in nation building”.