UCSY IT-Camp to Open the Eyes of Technology Students

UCSY IT-Camp to open the eyes of technology students. UCSY IT-Camp is an all-inclusive forum for local IT students to share their experiences and ideas with local IT students, led by students of Yangon Computer University (information technology).

The event has been held since 2014. The first event was held in 2014. This is UCSY IT-Camp 2014 held on 24th January. Then, the second time was in 2015. They did it on January 21. UCSY IT-Camp 2015. This is the third time. Previous events were held at Yangon Computer University. This match is also there.

Let me tell you a little bit about the people involved in the event. First of all, Yangon Computer University hosted this event, so it is certain that there will be a lot of students there. There will also be experienced IT teachers from the local IT world. Their knowledge, Based on your experience, we will explain the current and future situation.

Technology Students

In addition to the students of Yangon Computer University, other technology students, Young people interested in technology and entrepreneurs in the field of technology will participate in the discussion and exchange views. Therefore, Students For young students, interacting with people in the real world can be a real eye-opener for them to see the real world. These UCSY IT-Camp seminars are:It will definitely be of great benefit to them. In any discipline, you have to do hands-on work outside of what you learn in a book. Solving them can be more difficult. I think you need to be able to see. (information technology)

Another thing is that it is very good that business people are participating in this event. Students Professionals and entrepreneurs bring together experiences, It is true that exchanging views will benefit all three. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, if these young people are able to apply these new perspectives well in their field, it will be like creating a new product or a new market (stevens institute of technology).

From the students’ point of view, how much can their thoughts and ideas mix with the outside world through school lessons? Experts say that it can be useful. We need to understand and reduce through dialogue. However, you will be able to prepare yourself well with a few points to improve. Your self-confidence will increase. I think such events held in a systematic and frequent manner in every university in a specialized field. This will allow students to keep an eye on their hands and condition. For them, this will not a stressful situation, but they well-prepared for the challenges ahead(stevens institute of technology).

UCSY IT-Camp 2022 (student portal)

This is the third UCSY IT-Camp 2022. Anyone can attend. To register online, go to Guest Register Here and fill out the required information. So, the target is 800 people. No need to worry if you are late for registration (student portal). You can still attend the event. All you have to do is register offline with the volunteers on the day of the event. What is the difference between the two? Those who have successfully registered online will receive a gift voucher with the event logo as a PDF file. Offline users will not get this opportunity. However, in the final round of the event, everyone given a chance to win a lottery (student loan). So, it’s a fun program (stevens institute of technology).

So, the keynote speakers at the event already selected. They are young teachers in the current local technology world. They interested in pointing out their seminars. If you believe in your ideas and want to participate in the discussion “information technology”, you can register at Speaker Register Here . So, there is no limit to the number of cases. In the discussion sections, the experts discussed on the topic “student loan” and on the website and event banners of the event, and participants will be able to choose their favorite topics “eyes of technology students”.

In this world of technology, students and young people who have chosen the technology sector as their career. Therefore, if you are an ordinary person and you want to visit, it will be as useful as opening a window to open your eyes to the IT world (eyes of technology students). If you want to know student loan program, please check information at student portal.