The Top 5 College Majors or Degrees in the United States

We would like to talk about The Top 5 College Majors or Degrees in the United States. Nowadays, choosing the collage major is even more important than others due to the rising tuition fees and the changing job landscape. Katie Bardaro, lead economist says, “Unless you go to a top 20 brand name school, what matters most to employers is your major”.

The students in US are always searching the best majors to ensure a prosperous career. The listed majors below are popular over a decade and these can produce graduates with the highest earning careers and better life conditions. Here are the top 5 most valuable majors in the United States (Top 5 College Majors).

1. Business Administration and Management

Business majors are among the most popular majors for both graduate and undergraduate students. However, a degree can go in a variety of careers such as logisticians, managers, marketing, finance, business analysts, human resources and much more (bachelor’s degree).

The average salary starting for students with a degree in business administration is around $50,000 annually. The professionals can get a highly paid of around $73,000 annually. Moving into the management positions can also advance the salary. However, the best colleges for business are University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (bachelor’s degree).

2. Nursing

As a result, Nursing comprises the most valuable majors, a whopping 16% growth of job opportunities in the year 2020-2030. This field dealing with the study of medicine, public health, human health, anatomy is always in high demand because people become more reliant on healthcare.

Within the nursing professions, it is necessary to specialize in a number of fields including instructors, practitioners, anesthetists and midwives. Nurses usually get an annual salary of $69,000 approximately. So, the top ranked nursing schools in the United States are University of Pennsylvania, Duke University and Emory University.

3. Accounting

The students with strong mathematics might consider a major in accounting. A degree in accounting will let you work in a variety of careers which include business creating, financial advising, financial forecasting, budgets managing, handle incoming and outgoing payments.

Today, the new data-driven markets are more valuable to employers. However, the income for people with accounting degree is well paid with an average annual salary as close to around $76,000. However, the most popular college for accounting degrees (bachelor’s degree). Masters degree are University of Pennsylvania, University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University.

4. Psychology

It is a vital major course, studying the human behavior. A degree can go into social work, marketing, counselling, education and business. If you wish to work in a clinical setting, it is necessary to complete your masters or doctorate degrees (masters degree).

However, students graduating from psychology can expect to get a salary of $69,000 annually. However, it is a very popular area of study with over 11,600 graduates per year. Therefore, the famous schools for the degree in psychology (masters degree) are Stanford University, Harvard University and Yale University.

5. Biology

Most biology-related occupations are well-paid and a career will mostly let you spend on studying. So, Many biology students can study other related fields. Including microbiology, forensic medicine, botany, genetics, biochemistry, zoology and science technicians (85 degree bakery).

With additional education, a degree can go on to become medical or veterinary professionals. Every year, 78,000 students graduate with a general biology degree. The average income rate for this degree sums up to around $59,000 annually. However, the best ranked colleges in the United States for biology are Harvard University, Stanford University and Yale University (85 degree bakery).