How do we fix the many excuses that block success?

How do we fix the many excuses that block success? The most important thing to be a successful young man is not to make excuses in life. According to old proverbs, hot, cold, rain early too hungry There are more and more excuses such as busyness and laziness (6) today. If you want to be successful and progress, young people must be careful not to make too many excuses.

Find the reason for making excuses and fix it.

For example – if you are going to study something because the internet connection is bad, because it was late phone, Have you been saying things like that because your computer broke down? What excuses do you often give? Find those excuses one by one and prepare.

The consequences of being lazy and making excuses

In today’s age, if you don’t do it yourself, it’s the best situation for others to overtake you. In the age of progress, everything is being studied online, and it is very easy to progress in the subjects you want to study, and it is also very easy to leave. That’s why you should consider the excuses as much as possible. Too many excuses will lead to too many opportunities to fall behind. Nowadays, if the young people are not going to listen to what the elders say, they need to have self-control. You should do self management.

The easiest way to fix excuses (success)

Write down your excuses one by one.

Do self control.

Fix the easiest thing to fix. (succession cast)

Manage your time properly.

When making excuses, think about what is easiest for you to fix. For example, is the internet bad? Are your devices bad? Think about how to make these things convenient.

Everyone has a fair amount of 24 hours. The word “not enough time” is no longer useful. I already have too many excuses. If you are very comfortable, look back at yourself. What are the excuses? (succession cast)

The information in the following news article is an excerpt from the discussion and suggestions of Daw Myint Thinggi Sumon, the founder of BGV Institute , from the Duwun Community Voice program .