Five Things to help children learn to speak English

Children learn to speak English. Today, mastering the English language is the most important thing. That’s why, as parents, we want our children to have a good foundation in English. They try all kinds of ways to learn to speak English easily. To improve English, take extra courses, Let’s take a look at the ways you should learn English at home in addition to English schools.

Read the book.

As parents, the most appropriate job is to read books. Children tell stories, Since they like cartoons, if you read the books in English, it will help them learn English words and speak English. Or let them read stories translated into English from their favorite Burmese stories. Then they will know not only Burmese stories but also English stories at once.

Play the game.

Children love to play games. When they play games, if they use games such as connecting English letters or learning English together, their study will increase even more. At this time, instead of playing other fun games, it will be more beneficial for children to play small games where they can learn English at once.

playing music, Make sure to listen.

If you make them listen to English songs, children will learn English words quickly and easily. They will learn to speak easily. If there are new words in the song that will be easy for their brain to remember, tell them at once and teach them.

Use as Home Language at home.

As parents, please use the home language when you are at home. When you ask them to do something, Always say Yes, No, Sorry, Please, etc. when they ask for something. Only then will the children speak English quickly. The speech may be weak, so the parent must speak more from the front. That way, the children will be able to speak English easily from their mouths. Do you speak English in Spanish? I don’t speak English in Spanish.

Ignore the little mistakes they make.

When children learn a second language, they often mix it with their mother tongue. When they say something wrong, parents ignore them and do what they want to say. Ask them to say the things they want in English.

“It would be even better if we could send them to places like summer English classes where they could feel comfortable and talk to their peers.” In an environment where more English is spoken, their English speaking skills will be more effective. Therefore, if children are introduced to English from an early age, they will not have to spend a lot of time alone when they grow up.”

Do you speak Eng. in Spanish? I don’t speak Eng. in Spanish. Which countries that speak English? English speaking countries