Why you suddenly feel dizzy?

Why you suddenly feel dizzy? Everyone has experienced the feeling of being dizzy when they suddenly get up from a sitting position. Why does it happen? When this happens, let’s figure out how to treat it.

Why does it happen?

When you get up suddenly from a sitting position, you may feel dizzy due to a drop in blood pressure, and it may also be due to a poor nervous system. For example, due to diabetes. People whose nervous system is impaired due to old age may feel dizzy when they get up suddenly from a sitting position.

What kind of people can be common?

  • People with bad heart
  • People who sweat a lot
  •  People who urinate a lot.
  • · This kind of sudden dizziness can occur due to medications taken for prostate disease, which is common in men.
  • Some of them are not due to low blood pressure but also due to mistletoe disease.
  • Normal young people are in good health, In those who are not immune to the disease, they sit less often because of their hunches. Due to the lack of blood circulation through being sedentary, I often experience dizziness and lightheadedness

When you suddenly feel dizzy and fall down, treat it as soon as possible in this way.

  • First, don’t hurt your head. (This happens because blood does not reach the brain, causing the person to fall.)
  • When you fall, lay your body down so that the blood reaches your head quickly. Raise your legs.
  •  When this happens, some people get up, There is often unconsciousness. If this happens, keep the body on one side.
  •  Do not put your hand in your mouth. Make sure to hold the spoon so as not to bite the tongue.
  • If you regain consciousness, give water (or saline).

In this way, dizziness can be relieved. dizziness causes. dizzy gillespie.

The information in the following news article was discussed and shared by Dr. Aung Zaw Myint, a general practitioner at Pa Hlaing Hospital. dizziness causes. dizzy gillespie.