To avoid pain while playing at the gym

To avoid pain while playing at the gym. It’s natural for muscle pain to occur when you first start exercising (or increase the weight). But you should be aware of these things so that you can’t move and your joints and leaves are hurt.

In what conditions does muscle pain occur?

I never exercised. I will start now Or if you resume exercise after a long break, you often experience muscle pain.

During exercise, the wrong posture and heavy loads can cause muscle and joint tendons to tear.

In addition, when exercising too much, the muscles, Joints are often injured accidentally.

Should I continue to play if I feel pain? Should I stop?

It depends on how much pain there is. See if it hurts so much that you can’t move at all, or if you can still move a little. Muscle soreness can be relieved as soon as the blood circulation improves and the painful areas are cleared after resuming exercise. But if it’s not muscle pain, but if it’s joint or tendon pain, you have to rest.

You should not exercise vigorously with greed

Many girls tend to lose weight when the event is near. I did two hours of vigorous exercise with the thin chin. I started doing it now, not what I used to do. Otherwise, to make the hips look nice, I added a lot of weight and then the Squad sat down. If that is the case, the muscles in the body have not been trained with the weight in the first place. Because they are not properly trained, they are not vulnerable. All the weight goes to the joints and the ligaments next to it, and the ligaments are torn. There may be some kind of sprained hip joint.

Ways to relieve muscle pain

If you are afraid of being sore the next day after exercising

  •    Be sure to relax immediately after exercise
  •    Take a warm bath.
  •    Apply pain relief cream.
  •     If you are sore the next day, apply ice to the most painful area.
  •    Gently massage the painful area. golds gym

If you do this carefully, it will relieve muscle pain.

Don’t take too much pain medication

Taking too much painkillers for muscle pain can cause stomach ailments. It could be a stomach ulcer. So don’t drink too much. If you are going to drink it, I would recommend that you drink it with food. gym near me. golds gym