Seven most valuable liquids in the world

There are Seven most valuable liquids in the world. You should know about it. Some of these liquids are most valuable in the world.

7. Human Blood – $ 1,500 per gallon

Human blood is very important for the survival of a person, but it only ranks seventh on this list. A gallon of human blood costs around US $ 1,500.

6. Mercury – $ 3,400 per gallon

Since, in the medical field, mercury is rarely used. It is used only in devices such as thermometers. However, this liquid, mercury, is widely used in the electrical industry.

5. Insulin – $ 9,400 per gallon

Insulin is one of the most important constituents in the production of organic molecules in living things. Therefore, it is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the healthy pancreas. One gallon of insulin, which is very useful for medical purposes, costs about $ 9,400.

4. Horseshoe Crab Blood – $ 60,000 per gallon

The blood from a figure called a horseshoe is quite cheap. Therefore, the blood of this figure is often used in the medical field to remove impurities and toxins. So, one gallon of blood from this blue figure is worth about $ 60,000.

3. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) – $ 123,000 per gallon

LSD has been widely reported to be widely used as a psychotropic drug in the 1960s. Later, however, lysergic acid was developed from the natural ergot alkaloids and was used to treat anxiety. One gallon of LSD can produce enough anti-anxiety drugs for 55,000 people.

2. King Cobra Venom – $ 1 gallon ($ 153,000) – expensive

Of all the snakes in the world, the venom of King Cobra is arguably the most venomous and can instantly knock down an elephant. The venom of this powerful wild snake is also used for medical purposes and the price is very high. So, one gallon of this poison is worth over $ 150,000.

1. Scorpion Venom – $ 1 gallon ($ 39,000,000) – expensive

The venom of scorpions is most commonly used to catch predators. About 25 species of scorpions in the world are said to be poisonous. This scorpion venom, which is also used in the formulation of medicines to relieve severe pain, is unbelievably worth $ 39,000,000 a gallon.