How can dengue be prevented in 2023? (Dengue Prevention)

What to do if you get sick? (Dengue Prevention)

Dengue fever is the most common and most prevalent form of dengue fever among children this year. What to do when you get sick? Medical University (1), Yangon. Professor, Department of Child Health Head of Department (Retired) Professor U Saw Win, a pediatrician at Parami Hospital, provided guidance.

Be careful during the school season

When children go to school, parents wear shirts and shorts. Long pants should be worn.

If the child is sick, it is suspected that he / she has dengue fever and should be kept at home.

Every child with a high fever during the rainy season should be tested for dengue fever. Children with a high fever should be considered for dengue fever until there is no other reason and need to be monitored from time to time.

Signs to watch out for suspected dengue fever

Nausea and vomiting Red spots on the skin Redness; Body aches and pains; Hess Test Positive Danger Signs (Danger Signs: The child may have a fever and panic attacks within 3 to 5 days after the onset of fever. Get medical help fast.

Test methods (Dengue Prevention)

Abdominal pain or pain in the abdomen.

Lungs Fluid in the heart and in the abdomen (diagnosed by a doctor or X-ray or ultrasound)

Liver larger than 2 cm. In laboratory tests, blood clots found; Increased blood pressure (PCV)

-Hess Test (If the Hess Test is positive, it may be dengue fever.)

A blood test can also detect it.

Medicine (Dengue Prevention)

Fight parasites.

Taking other non-parasitic painkillers; Do not install from the beginning.
Doing so can cause bleeding and death.

Do not treat with short-acting drugs such as spice.

Get to the hospital on time. It needs to systematically supplement with plasma.
Drink saline solution. water, Salt Drink plenty of powdered sugar. Give me some water.

When to be hospitalized 

Children with dangerous symptoms Patients who find it difficult to travel far from the hospital; Children under one year of age; Obese patients and thalassemia; Kidney disease People with other illnesses, such as diabetes, should hospitalize.

Which hospital will you be admitted to?

Doctor Teachers need to monitor and treat patients 24 hours a day. There should be a blood pressure monitor (PCV). Plasma as needed. It should be a hospital that can donate blood. You should hospitalize in a pediatric hospital.