how to choose the best hospital in 2023?

Do you want to know how to choose the best hospital? If you have an illness and need to be treated in a hospital, you need to decide where to seek treatment as soon as possible. How to choose? First of all, your type of disease; Will you go to a low-cost government hospital? Will you go to a private hospital? However, the strengths of the two hospitals are yet to be determined.

Dr Thiha Thit, a general practitioner, said: “I do not want to talk about where I am going. You have a choice, ”he said. What is the difference between a public hospital and a private hospital, as there are different criteria for choosing a survivor?  The Ministry of Health and Sports has four options for choosing a hospital. Dr Myo Set Thwe, Assistant Physician (Management), Department of Health, said.

The first is the choice depending on the disease. For example, surgery may involve major surgery; Recent surgery; He said there was still surgery to be performed if the operation did not take place. Another factor is choice. The patient should be taken to a hospital that is comfortable for him / her. Depending on the circumstances, your choice of doctor may also be affected. There is also a choice.

And do not forget the cost. There is a government hospital for those who can not afford it. For those who can afford it, there are both government and private hospitals. Another thing to consider is health, so do not wait any longer. Do I need emergency treatment? Do you have to wait and see if you can get it? The government hospital has to wait because of the large number of patients. Those who do not want to wait for time. For those who can afford it, you can choose a private hospital.

This is what Dr. Gene Thwe Thwe said. In this case, we will break down the strengths of hospitals.


According to the medical community, patients can measure which hospital is better by their satisfaction with the hospital’s services.

Private hospitals are, in general, a business. As it is a business, it provides a customer (patient) satisfaction service based on profit. Although not all hospitals have the same services, Although private hospitals have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the sector, in general, private hospitals outperform government hospitals.

“The rooms are clean. You do not have to know the adults to get a room. If you need a nurse, you can hire one. The main thing is that the relationship is good. Therefore, both you and your grandfather. I used to go to a private hospital, ”said Ma May Su Ye Mon Thu, a resident of Rangoon.

In government hospitals, too, service has improved. When the new government came to power, the Medical Public Relations Department provided guidance at the hospitals. Not only for medical treatment but also for financial difficulties. Social problems such as lack of caregivers have also been addressed.

Treatment Diagnosis

There is not much difference between government and private hospitals in terms of medical care. The government hospital was overcrowded and had to be treated by a veterinarian. Prescription drugs are prescribed only at government hospitals that are purchased with a government budget. The same drug, but more effective. If you are prescribed a drug from a better pharmaceutical company, you will have to buy it from outside with your own money.

In private hospitals, you can see a doctor directly. The doctor also prescribes medications that are more effective. It will cost a lot of money. Every treatment from the time of hospitalization to the time of discharge. There is a charge for each care. No need to wait for tests.

“It is true that I feel comfortable in a specialist hospital,” he said. If anything happens, I have to run to the government hospital. Government hospitals are safe, ”said Ma Thiri, a 25-year-old who has given birth in both government and private hospitals.

Diseases treated abroad; Medical examinations are provided locally; Private hospitals are competing for testing. Services are now available not only for health but also for beauty. Dr. Tin Maung Htwe, editor-in-chief of the Health Journal, said that laboratory tests were not fast enough.

Blood diseases Rheumatoid arthritis Leukemia can be treated well at government hospitals. Nuclear diagnostics; Liver He said kidney and bone marrow transplants were only available at government hospitals.

For pregnant women like Ma Thiri, the Central Women’s Hospital in Rangoon is a reliable source. It is a major hospital for emergencies. Not only in the city, but also in the countryside. Even people in many villages have abnormal pregnancies. If you have health concerns, you can rely on the Central Women’s Hospital in Rangoon.

Yangon Children’s Hospital and Yankin Children’s Hospital are also emergency hospitals for children from birth. Parents are relying on Parami Specialist Hospital, a well-known private hospital for pediatric care. In case of an emergency, they go to a specialist hospital first, and parents say the children’s hospitals are safe for the government.

For general ailments, not only in Rangoon but also in other cities, the Rangoon Public Hospital is the only place for health care.


One of the factors to consider when choosing a hospital is to consider a government hospital if it is a communicable disease or a blood transfusion.

Most private hospitals avoid people with infectious diseases. In some large hospitals, it treated with surgery.

Government hospitals also provide treatment for infectious diseases. There is also a National Blood Bank for government hospitals in Rangoon for transfusions. It is convenient to find a blood donor for a blood transfusion and donate it instead. Private hospitals do not accept such donations. Each drug costs about 80,000 kyats, according to a pharmaceutical company.

“Government hospitals have improved a lot,” he said. We are doing it properly based on the people. We are focusing on providing medical treatment to the public, ”he said. Dr Ba Shwe, vice-chairman of the hospital administration group, said.

The General Hospital has various medical departments. The machine is complete. There is a long wait for medical check-ups.

At the hospital, the cost of primary care is lower for the patient as well as the cost of the caregiver. Cheaper food is available at the hospital stalls, and donors are available to save on other costs.

“We help those who can not afford it at zero cost,” he said. We provide free treatment even when we are not sending them, ”said Dr. Thiha Thit.

Government hospitals offer free check-ups, but those who can afford it are asked to share what they can afford on a cost-sharing basis. The cost varies between government and private hospitals, depending on the severity of the illness, three to five times.

Relationship between patient and doctor

One of the advantages of private hospitals is that you can show the name of the doctor you want to see if it is a hospital where not only doctors from government hospitals but also retired doctors sit. Doctors call when there is an emergency, even when they are not in the hospital. The doctor takes the time to look after the patient. The main choice of a private hospital is to save time and money for medical treatment. There is also human comfort.

At a government hospital, the doctor-patient relationship is short-lived. There are times when there are too many patients to see quickly. There are still patients who suffer from strained relationships with health workers due to the pressure of seeing more patients.

Some doctors in private hospitals are also doctors in government hospitals. Dr Ba Shwe said only those who can afford it selected.

“Which side is better depends on the result. The qualifications of doctors are not different. The only difference is the number of people with the same quality. Choose the treatment that the patient likes, ”Dr. Thiha Thit commented.

No matter what hospital you choose for different situations, emergency care can be either private or public. Life will be safe only if you go to a nearby government hospital as soon as possible.