How to choose the best gaming phone for your needs?

In recent years, mobile phone companies have started to focus on the gaming (gaming head phones) features to give the best gaming experiences for their customers. Now, there are plenty of gaming phones in the market and each of them has its pros and cons. Today, I will guide you quick tour to choose the right gaming device depends on your needs. Let’s dive into this!

  1. ROG phone 5
  2. Iphone 13 pro max
  3. Black Shark 4 Pro
  4. K-40 gaming

ROG phone 5

For heavy gamer who want the best gaming experience than day to day usages, ROG phone 5 might be the right one for you with his highs performance and preference on gaming add-on features than the normal mobile devices.

If you enjoy shooting games like PUBG and COD, you will fall in love with its smoothing air trigger ( shoulder button on the sides of the devices).This is heavy device which weighs 238 grams. However, equally balanced and comfortable for landscape uses but you’ll suffer it’s weight when you use portrait like scrolling on the social media for hours.

Let’s talk about it’s performance. ROG phone 5 use Octa-core snapdragon 885 5G(5 nm) and Samsung’s OMLED display with adreno 660 GPU which means there will be no lag between display to performance. Now, you might worry about the heat as you can see the over-clock high performance CPU.

As a result, ROG already have solved your problems. However, it comes with centered-CPU with re-designed internal vapor chamber and aero active cooler for you. That would be supercool if you are really into gaming but if you want to use it day to day not only for gaming but also in normal daily life, it’s not choice able.

Iphone 13 pro max

People love iPhone because of its enjoyable fast OS, ease of uses and performance. When it comes into gaming, iPhone didn’t left behind. iPhone 13 pro max is special as it has the better battery life than last generation of iPhone. But, longer the battery life, the bigger the phone you’ll get.

You’ll not enjoy it if you don’t like the thick and big mobile phone. iPhone 13 pro max has the unique super amoled display which is better any other mobile phone right now. It means you’ll get the best graphic experience in gaming and watching movies. So, you’re casual gamer and want a high performance smart phone with nice display. It is best for day to day uses. It will be a good choice.

Black Shark 4 Pro

With 144Hz AMOLED, handy magnetic pop-up and 120W hypercharge. Black shark 4 pro is one of the gaming-focused phone you should considers. Black Shark has the pressure sensitive display called Black Shark’s “Magic Press” and it’s really handy when you play the shooting games. Therefore, like most of the today’s gaming phones, it comes with snapdragon 888 chipsets and you can choose from 8 to 16 Gb ram depend on your needs. Gaming head phones are included in this phone.

K-40 gaming

It is not gaming head phones. Last but not least, among the affordable flag-ship phone, Redmi K-40 gaming edition will fulfill your wishes. It comes with first charging air trigger like ROG phone 3 and best performance comparing it’s price to quality. You’ll have all your gaming needs with it. It offers 6-12 Gb ram,5065 mAh and amazing better life.

If you have the budget money and want the high performance smart phone. So, Redmi K-40 gaming edition is the one you should considers. Not the best phone can be the best for you. So, only the one which is perfect match for your needs will satisfy your desire.