Military Grade Most Durable Smartphones

We will talk about Military Grade Most Durable Smartphones. Are you tired of touchy smart phones that can easily breakable even when it falls from your bed? Yes, everyone has its own taste on mobile phone experience based on their needs. Some of them like luxury smart phones. Others like futuristic and modern mobiles. However, If you are a mountain climber, cyclist or even a worker in construction, you won’t really want above fancy smart phone. You will definitely need a great phone which is able to waistband temperature, pressure and falls.

This type of military-spec smart phones are not only for soldiers but also for people based on their needs. Today i will show you the most durable and tough smart phones and their benefits that will blow your mind.


◾️ They are called all proof.

They can resist water, dust, dirt and extremes temperature more than any normal smart phones you’ve ever seen.

◾️Most reliable security

It offers an extra level of security and uses unique encrypted software which means your information are safe.

◾️better battery

If you are lazy to plug in your phones. This kind of phone is the right for you as they made for solider in a mission which is away from electricity to charge back the phone. Now, Let’s goes straight to the phones

Samsung Galaxy S8 active smart phone

Yes, Samsung, one of the market-lead smart phone company made a militaria grade smartphone. It weighs 7.34 oz. Screen size is 5′ 7” not very big and perfect with super AMOLED display. 8 MP front camera and 12 MP for back with an 8X optical zoom. It can capture 4K video quality. 4000mAh battery support it 5 days of stand-by time. As a militaria grade phone, it has a high resistance of water and dust.


It weighs over half-a-pound. This device have 5 MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera. Battery life is 21 hours talking time and 14 days stand by time supported by Lithium-ion battery and it’s Qi’s wireless battery. It can work smoothly even under water.

Sonim XP8 RUGGED SMARTPHONE (military grade smartphones)

The gorilla glass 3 touch screen makes it useable with wet hands and is glove-deceive which is useful for soldiers. It have 100 db+ speaker and trio noise reduction microphone. When you are in a war, you can’t talk with a normal phone because of the noise.
I has 900mAh Lithium-ion battery and support USB type-C.

Ulefone armor 3

As its name ”armor”, its body is so strong made up of ultra-hardwearing aluminum alloy and thermoplastic polyurethane-reinforced polycarbonate. It offers 21 MP back camera and 13 MB for front camera.
Its battey life is so scary.10,300mAh Li-polymer battery stay 1300 hours of stand by time without charging.

CAT S61 (Military Grade)

It can waistband extremes temperature and vibration. It successfully passed concrete drop test from 6′ . With his 13 MP camera support thermal imaging. Its 4,500Ah Lithium-ion battery can last 37 days of stand by time. Like above military grade phone it can resist water and dust.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition supports 5G and private SIM. It has 12 MP front camera and 64 MP back camera with 3x hybrid optical zoom and 30x digital zoom. It can record 4K to 60 fps and 8K to 24 fps. Its battery capacity is 4000mAh and wired or wireless fast charging. You cannot get military grade phone case.