The best countries for Public WiFi

Which country is The Best Public WiFi? Every country in the world has its own government to provide free internet access to its citizens. Wireless and Internet Service Providers Big business and organizations everywhere. Public places such as parks and beaches and government departments; Public WiFi is available at universities and hospitals.

Because it is free, it has the opposite of high bandwidth. Slow is the development of the country. It also depends on wealth and population. There are similar public WiFi areas in Myanmar. Shwedagon Pagoda In addition to Sule Pagoda, public WiFi is also available at universities across the country. It is not convenient to use. There are also countries that offer free internet access throughout the country. Here is a list of the best countries in the world for public WiFi :

Although WiFi technology has only been around for almost two decades, the demand for high-speed public access has increased over the past few years. Products are now easily connected to the Internet from millions of public hotspots around the world. In addition, by 2018, the number of hotspots worldwide will increase eightfold to 300 million, according to some experts. As the number of hotspots has increased, so has the demand for faster connection speeds for seamless viewing of online videos and downloading and uploading large amounts of data.

The following countries are among the five countries with the fastest public WiFi speeds listed by Rotten WiFi: The United States does not include the United States, which has Internet service providers like Comcast.

Lithuania (Wireless and Internet Service)

Lithuania tops the list of countries with the fastest public WiFi (wifi speed test). The average download speed is 16.6 Mbps, which is almost twice as fast as in the United States.

Singapore (mcdonalds wifi)

The average public WiFi speed in Singapore is 15.5 Mbps. The Singapore government has launched a program to provide free public Wi-Fi through thousands of hotspots called Wireless @ SG. By 2018, the government has announced that it will double the number of hotspots nationwide to 20,000.

Switzerland (mcdonalds wifi)

In Switzerland, locals and foreigners alike enjoy parks and gardens. Beaches Public WiFi (wifi speed test) can be accessed from public areas such as museums. The average speed is 13.8 Mbps.

Denmark (wifi extender)

In Denmark, you can connect to streetlights across the country and use them as free public WiFi hotspots. The program is part of the “smart cities” program in partnership with Cisco in Copenhagen. The average speed is 12 Mbps.

UK (wifi extender)

The UK is in the top five, but the government is keen to upgrade its connectivity infrastructure. These hotspots are almost 100 times faster than the average download speed currently available across the UK.