Messages and changes with iPhone iOS 14 Message

On the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the Messages app (iPhone iOS 14 Message) is one of the most popular apps, and it includes iMessage, which lets Apple Messages only send messages between Apple devices. If you are an Apple user, you already know how messaging works.

Now with the changes to iOS 14, the Message app has a number of useful new features. Today we will talk about these new features in the message.

Updated Interface

As soon as you open the message of iOS 14, you will see All Messages, You will see a new interface that lets you choose between Know Senders and Unknown Senders. If you select All Messages, you will see all the messages. Know Senders will only see messages spoken to by people we know. Finally, Unknown Senders will show you messages from strangers.

Pinned Chats

Pinned Chats is a feature that allows you to get the most important people in your message. To pin a message, swipe a conversation and click the pin bar. Pinned chats will appear in a circle at the top of the message. One thing here is that we can only Pinned a total of 9 Chats.

Inline Replies (imessage)

This feature allows you to streamline messages. Inline Replies, you can reply to a conversion or a message in Group Conversions. To reply to a message, hold down the message and select the “Reply” option to reply. Just like the reply in Facebook Messenger.

Mentions (imessage)

The new Mentions in Messages feature, like Facebook Messenger, lets you Mention the person you want to talk to in a group chat. Mentions can be used in group chats as well as single person chats. Mentions are often useful only in group chats.

To Mention in Groups, you can Mention by typing the name of the person you want to Mention. Another way is to mention @ with @. Mentions will change their name to blue. If we are mentioned in a muted group, we will notify you with a notification.

Memoji (iPhone iOS 14 Message)

Memoji is a feature that Apple users are already familiar with. It allows you to create an avatar that suits your appearance and create your own avatar. Now in iOS 14, Memoji includes hats, Hairstyles You can also choose your age. As a result, Memoji will look better than ever. One of the nice things about it is that you can even wear a mask.

How to make a memoji?

To create a memoji, open the Messages app first. Once opened, select a Conversation. However, Once selected, click on the Monkey Animoji in the Message App Bar. So, Once clicked, we can customize the Memoji by pressing the “+” button again.

Emoji Search (iPhone iOS 14 Message)

In the past, if you were about to send an emoji, it would be inconvenient to find the emoji you want to send because of the many emojis on the keyboard. As a result, most iPhone / Apple users have requested Emoji Search on their Mac. Now, in iOS 14, Apple has added that request. With Emoji Search, you can search for your favorite emoji on the keyboard by simply typing the name. These are just some of the new features in iOS 14 Messages.