Satellite Messaging System and Sony Cameras of iPhones

Satellite Messaging System and Sony Cameras of iPhones. Apple, which has been very secretive about product information, has revealed its partnership with Sony. In the smartphone world, Apple is known as a company that is very tight-lipped about suppliers and product technical information.

Tim Cook’s visit to Sony this time regarding the CMOS camera sensor issue was considered by many to be important news for a company like Apple. While Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Sony’s office, he posted a photo with company CEO Kaneichio Yoshida.

In fact, Tim Cook admits that Apple has been working with Sony for over a decade. Cupertino-based Apple company, the company’s battery, There is no mention of chip and display suppliers. Supply chain analysts say that Corning manufactures the front and rear glass for Apple, while Samsung and LG produce the most OLED panels. (sony mirrorless cameras)

He said that for the chips that will be used in Apple products, they come from TSMC, and for the iPhone camera sensors, they use Sony’s materials. I don’t know much about Sony and Apple’s deal on camera hardware, but I don’t think they’ll ever break up. (sony mirrorless cameras)

According to some reports, Sony is creating a new sensor that can reduce exposure and increase exposure using semiconductor technology. Sony’s new camera sensor is also to be seen in the new generation of iPhones. (sony mirrorless cameras)

The Emergency SOS system in the iPhone 14 series saved the life of a stranded skier in Alaska.

A person traveling on a ski vehicle from Noorvik to Kotzebue, Alaska, got lost and stranded in a place where there was no phone line, and was rescued by the Emergency SOS system on new iPhones, according to a statement from the Alaska Public Security Department ADPS. These two cities are about 42 miles apart.

On Thursday morning. Alex was unable to continue in the Northwest. So he activated the satellite-based emergency SOS system on his iPhone 14 and called for help. In cooperation with the Apple Emergency Response Center, local authorities sent rescue to the location of the missing man based on the GPS coordinates provided by Apple.

ADPS said a team of local volunteer rescuers found the man unharmed and transported him to Kotzebue. This incident was recorded as the first time rescue was possible due to the Emergency SOS Feature introduced in the new iPhone 14 series.

Apple has also announced. This new SOS feature will be added to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. And It will be given to anyone who buys the new product for free for two years. The Emergency SOS system is installed in iPhone 14’s Settings. And once activated, instructions will be given on the screen to connect to the nearest satellite. Following this instruction, the user will be able to send messages asking for help.

Apple’s Emergency SOS Feature has been released to iPhone 14 users living in the United States and Canada, and France at the end of this month. Germany It is said that it will be available in Ireland and the UK.

iPhone 14 owners in the United States and Canada will be able to use the emergency satellite messaging system starting November 15.

This feature will be released in France in the following months. Germany iPhone 14 owners in Ireland and the UK will be able to use it. It is a feature that can be used to request emergency help in places where there is no phone line or WiFi network. It is connected to the satellite service company Globalstar Inc. Last week, Apple announced a $450 million grant from the Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund to Gloablstar Inc. to help support the satellite messaging system.

More than 300 Globalstar employees will support the Apple service, and all iPhone 14 models will be able to use this feature. The service will communicate directly with the satellite through custom-designed hardware and integrated software. Users will be able to access the service through an interface that helps them connect to the satellite and answer short questions about status and location.

Emergency SoS service

The Emergency SoS service does not support voice calls. Due to the lack of a large antenna to connect the phone to the satellite. Instead, Apple uses a Text Compression Algorithm that can reduce the size of text messages by up to 300%. It is designed to send messages faster. In clear weather conditions, it will be possible to send and receive messages between satellites within 15 to 30 seconds.

The Verge also reported that when the fog is thick and the sky is not clear. It can take more than 1 minute for a message to arrive. The Emergency SOS satellite system can be used on this year’s iPhone. 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.1 and above. But Hong Kong, China and Macao will not be able to use this service, he said.

Another thing is that this service will not work above 62 degree latitude. Apple will provide satellite SOS service on the iPhone 14 series for free for 2 years. After which monthly fees will be charged.