A robot using artificial memory as its CEO

A Chinese game company valued at $10 billion has appointed a robot using artificial memory as its CEO

In 2017, Jack Ma said, “In 30 years, we will see a robot on the cover of Time magazine as the best CEO.” Now, needless to say, his words have come true. online games, NetDragon Websoft, a Chinese company that creates mobile apps, has made new history by appointing a robot that uses artificial memory as the company’s CEO.

The AI-powered robot CEO named Mr. Tanyu will oversee the operations of the nearly $10 billion technology company. NetDragon Websoft’s board believes that artificial memory technology will be the future of corporate management, and the appointment of Mittan Yu as CEO will be a symbol of the company’s change in business operations and the use of artificial memory.

“Tanyu will become a real-time data hub and an analytical tool that will help you make rational decisions about daily operations. The risk management system will also be able to function effectively. In addition, to produce talents, We look forward to playing a key role in creating a fair and beneficial workplace for all employees,” NetDragon Websoft said in a statement.

In the future, NetDragon Websoft said it plans to expand the algorithm behind CEO Mr. Tan Yu to create a transparent management model. Founded in 1999, NetDragon Websoft is one of China’s most influential video game developers, Eudemons Online, Heroes Evolved He has also created successful games such as Conquer Online and Under Oath. While details about the AI-powered robot CEO are still unknown, social media is already buzzing with the idea of ​​robots taking over human jobs.