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What is reflation? We are concerned about Inflation; I have heard economic terms such as inflation. The reason why evaporation […]

Sure , have you heard of the IMF? TV In the press or on the radio … It is a very important organization, […]

One of the most vocal concepts in economic issues for a few years is called economic globalization. This term, which […]

Oil is the world’s black gold . Oil moves the world. With it, gasoline, plastic Although there are many oil producing countries, Spain is not an oil […]

How to calculate payroll? It is very easy to calculate wages for those who have experience with each concept involved. […]

What is tooling? If you work in an industrial company; If we ask what a tool is, it is easy to […]

Get paid as an employee. The economic situation in Spain is already very complicated and the self-employed are really having […]